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Welcome to the World of CRT! Cranial Release Technique®, Inc. represents the finest in the training of healthcare practitioners in the art, science, and philosophy of the Cranial Release Technique® (CRT). We are committed to helping you to make CRT an important component of the healthcare services you provide. Please explore our website and the information we provide.  We look forward to helping you increase your professional success!

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Practitioners from many disciplines are discovering the extraordinary value of the CRT, Inc. educational program. Across the country, they are incorporating CRT into their practice — and enhancing their ability to promote wellness for patients and clients. We invite you to find out more about the Cranial Release Technique®.

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CRT Video Library

Dozens of CRT practitioners and patients have recorded YouTube videos that describe the Cranial Release Technique® — and its capacity to reduce stress and promote wellness. These YouTube segments offer an excellent and highly accessible way to learn more about the technique.
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Dr. Wayne Dyer – Internationally renowned author and speaker discusses the beneficial effects of the Cranial Release Technique (CRT)

A brief introduction for practitioners interested in learning more about Cranial Release Technique, CRT. William Doreste, DC

Clara Brosnaham, LMT is the past President of the FSMTA Emerald Coast Chapter and CRT practitioner in Pensacola, FL.

Dr. Louis Angulo, a successful NYC chiropractor, talks about his personal CRT success story.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“I must tell you it is one of the most powerful tools that I have in my arsenal when it comes to balancing out the brain”

Eric Nepute

DC Chiropractor

“Cranial Release Technique is a perfect bridge between massage and adjustments”

Matt Michaud


“Thank you for taking such great care of me and my 7 year old daughter, Gabriella. Her “lazy eye” is improving and she can’t wait for her weekly CRT appointments! As for me, I feel more balanced, relaxed and able to handle the stresses of being an RN in NYC as well as a single parent. I am actively recruiting colleagues to take your training course because CRT Works!”

Claudia Bocanegra


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cranial Release Technique®?

The Cranial Release Technique® incorporates a hands-on process that facilitates a release of long-standing fixation and strain within the cranial-dural system. In CRT we refer to this as Cranio-Dural Stress Syndrome. The release provided by CRT causes a relaxation of nervous system, fascial, and muscle tissue tension throughout the entire body, as well as a return to proper cerebrospinal fluid flow and dynamics. This is further accompanied by a reintegration of the brain hemispheres. This allows the brain and central nervous system, as well as the body’s energy meridian system, to move to a higher, more organized level of function. A return to health and a restoration of balance in the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of life naturally follows.

How can Cranial Release Technique® improve my practice?

For most practitioners, CRT provides the ability to help a much more diverse group of people seeking care. Cranial Release Technique® offers great help to individuals dealing with the stress of modern day life and its negative effects on health and overall quality of life. The Cranial Release Technique® Process affects portions of the nervous system and its function that simply are not accessible through spinal manipulation or soft tissue techniques. As a result, stress is relieved, better and more lasting corrections are achieved, and quality of life is enhanced. With CRT, you will be the specialized practitioner in your community who has something truly new and unique to offer.

What about the logistics of CRT? How will it affect my office procedures?

Cranial Release Technique® practitioners come from a wide variety of backgrounds and choose to utilize CRT in a number of different ways. Many move to an exclusively CRT practice. Others simply incorporate CRT into their current program of care.

The beauty of CRT is that it can be used as a stand alone method of health care or incorporated into the program you currently use everyday. The procedures and practices that you use today will only be enhanced by CRT. Cranial Release Technique® practitioners typically find that their cases respond and stabilize in far less time as a result of incorporating CRT into their program. This represents a positive benefit for the members of your practice in today’s busy, lack of time, culture.

How long does CRT take? Is it difficult to perform physically?

Cranial Release Technique® takes only minutes to perform and requires no special diagnostic equipment or tables. CRT is gentle and very easily tolerated by patients and clients. It is also very easy on the practitioner. Your everyday physical demands in the office will be reduced considerably after incorporating CRT, leaving more time and energy for family and other interests.

How do I learn Cranial Release Technique®?

The Cranial Release Technique Online Training Program was designed to instruct practitioners in all aspects of CRT. This 8 Module video program includes The CRT Instructional Manual as well as Bonus Materials designed to assist the practitioner in introducing CRT into their practice with simple, easy to use posters, PowerPoints and patient explanations designed to make CRT a simple concept for improving one’s health & wellness.

Who should consider learning CRT?

The CRT Training Program is designed for licensed health care practitioners who wish to offer a simple, gentle alternative healing art to their patients. Practitioners that would benefit from learning CRT would be:

  • Chiropractors
  • Massage Therapists
  • Acupuncturists/ Doctors of Oriental Medicine
  • Naturopaths
  • Dentists/ TMJ Specialists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Spa Professionals
What about follow-up support?

Once you’ve completed The CRT Online Training Program, opportunities will be given to attend a live 1 day CRT Mastery Review Seminar throughout the US. You always have access to Dr. Doreste directly by email or phone.

Where can I get more information on Cranial Release Technique®?

For more information on CRT, please click here

For more information about CRT please click here and order the Free Report