Our practitioners have positive feedback on their CRT training and the results they are seeing in their patients. Please take moment to view what our practitioners have to say.
In general, my patients have made comments like their vision is crisper, they feel taller, lighter and more relaxed. It is always important to add knowledge to our systems of care so that we can help those who appear to have no solutions.
Corey Cameron, DC, DACBN, CRA Read more
In all my years of practice, this has been the most upscale, well run and professional seminar I have attended.
David Kerezsi, DC, LMTRead more
I am writing to let you know I personally found the material excellent and the technique is brilliant. You guys did a great job and limiting the number of attendees was sheer genius. Look forward to the next time we get together. P.S. The CRT really helped my wife no headaches or jaw pain since Saturday.
Robert Aldridge DC
Arlington, TX
Outstanding Seminar, Exceptional Instruction and Training, the BEST I’ve ever attended.
CRT is an AWESOME technique.  I’m getting better results than I ever thought possible.  I’ve seen miraculous changes in everything from joint pain and headaches to Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida.  Thanks Dr. Doreste.
Michelle Keller, D.C.
I am so glad you found Cranial Release!  I use the technique with 99% of my patients.  With all of the therapies I provide: Upledger’s CST, Lymph Drainage, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, Homeopathy, Acu-Point Injection Therapy, Tui-Na Massage, Pulsed LED Light Therapy with Infared…I won’t bore you with them all, Cranial Release is the cake, everything else, the icing.
Cari Cater APRead more
Hey Bill! Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic experience. Yours was probably one of the most well-run, if not THE most well-run, technique/procedural courses I’ve experienced. Everything was presented very clearly and consisely, leaving no room for guesswork. The fact that we were able to implement CRT as soon as we returned home has everything to do with your very professional, first-class presentation of the material. Many thanks to you, Kurt, and Solidad for your passion and vision to make this world a better place. Most Sincerely,
Diana C. Galish-Frasier, D.C.
I have found that without any radiographs, the patients complaints often improved almost overnight after the first CRT correction was performed, and completely resolved soon thereafter.  I cannot even believe how quickly this technique can improve the health of our patients. It’s like an HIO procedure for the cranium.
Dennis Braga, D.C.Read more
Five months ago I was have some terrible tingling down my right arm, a cervicalbrachial syndrome.   After six weeks of receiving CRT from you, I am 100% healed.

Mitchell Proffman, D.C.

Read more

Thank you for offering the CRT Preview last weekend.  I am blown away!  I have been a chiropractor for almost 20 years and this is what I have been asking for.  I feel like I received a breakthrough in my level of well being.  For the last year or 2 I have felt like I was at a plateau and heading for a downward descent in my health.  Now I feel like I’ve got my energy back!  The night after my first CRT correction, I didn’t clench my teeth & the next morning I woke up energized and clear.  I look forward to taking the CRT Mastery Class.

Thank you from the deepest place,

Liz Domi, DC

Thank you for taking such great care of me and my 7 year old daughter, Gabriella. Her “lazy eye” is improving and she can’t wait for her weekly CRT appointments! As for me, I feel more balanced, relaxed and able to handle the stresses of being an RN in NYC as well as a single parent. I am actively recruiting colleagues to take your training course because CRT Works!


Claudia Bocanegra, RN, LMT

Dr. Doreste,
I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you for helping me: change my health, change the health of my patients and family and also changing my business. My own health was changed from the first CRT treatment where I experienced instant stress reduction and the feeling like “an uncorked bottle” – profound peace and contentment.  Cranial Release Technique neutralizes stress better and quicker …Read more
Dear Bill:  I am writing you to give my enthusiastic endorsement to your CRANIAL RELEASE TECHNIQUE. It has been an exceptional therapeutic addition to my practice. I have been able to achieve results on a variety of conditions and patient complaints that I was either unable to treat effectively or previously only had “spotty” results. This technique will take your practice to a higher theraputic level!  Sincerely,  Ronald Drucker, D.C.

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Cari Carter AP
Clara Brosnaham, LMT
Corey Cameron, DC, DACBN, CRA
David Kerezsi, DC, LMT
Dennis Braga, D.C.
John D’Ambrosio
Mitchell Proffman, DC