Hi, this is Dr. Doreste with the Cranial Release Technique®, back with another short video. This is sort of a special announcement video. Many of you over the years have been asking me, “Hey Doc, when are you going to do one of your Live Events? I need some tuning up of my technique. I need some better understanding. I need to review all aspects of the technique.”

Well, here we go. We’re back in December 2 in Fort Lauderdale. We’ll be teaching a CRT Mastery review, and this is only open to people who have either attended a live event years ago or the recent people who’ve done an online training.

So, all the information is on the website. I’ll put the link down below this video, but it’s CRT Master review. It’s a full day, one day, it’ll be in Fort Lauderdale – the Hilton Garden Inn Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Dania Beach, FL

Very limited seating – Only 15 seats!.

I will be there. I’m sure some of my top instructors will be there as well.

I really expect for any of the practitioners that come in, not only will your technique be better when you leave, when you get back into the office on Monday, I’m expecting your technique to improve, your understanding to improve, your ability to explain this to other people and to your patients. Just your overall confidence of the Cranial Release Technique®. You’ll be around like-minded people for that one day, and I’m expecting wonderful things to happen.

So, when you get a minute, go over to the website. You can just click on the Events tab, or I’ll put the link down below again. The website cranialrelease.com.

Remember, only open to existing Cranial Release Technique® practitioners.

And if you’re out there and you’re thinking of learning this and you like the idea of a live event, step one, you have to go through the Online Training. So go to cranialrelease.com click on Online Training, you can order that there, you can go through that, then you can register for the live event, which is called the Cranial Release Technique® Mastery review.

Okay, I think that’s all I wanted to cover in this short video. Be well, everybody. It’s cooking here in New York. I think it’s cooking everywhere, so enjoy the rest of the summer. Be well, and I hope to see you in December, December 2, in Fort Lauderdale.

Great time of the year to be in Florida.

Talk to you soon. Goodbye.