Hi, this is Dr. Doreste with the Cranial Release Technique®, back with another video, something a little different, a little bit of an announcement we’re going to make today. So, as you know, on December 2nd, we have the CRT Mastery review and that’s going to take place here in Fort Lauderdale and that, thank God, is sold out. So, I put out a video a month or so ago about the idea, hey, what about another Master review, maybe on a cruise this time? So just want to let everybody know we just booked it, it’s official. April 1, that’s a Monday until Saturday, we’ll be on a cruise leaving out of Miami Florida on the beautiful Celebrity Summit ship and the Thursday of that week, which is the 4th of April, it’ll be a day at Sea, and that’s when I’m planning on holding the CRT Mastery review on the ship in their meeting room that they’ve so graciously given us.

So, this is really for Cranial Release Technique® practitioners only, so either you have had to take a live event years ago or you’ve learned the work from the online training program, so either one of those qualifies you. And now, being the beginning of November, anyone that’s interested in coming in April for the seminar, you could in theory purchase the online training program, go through that, and then come in April to the Hands-On event.

That’ll be a one-day event again, that’ll be April 4 on the ship. So, all the details are on the website on cranial release.com, it’s there’s a button there called events, and you look at 2024 CRT Master Review and you can see all the details, you can register there if you’re interested. And again, this is only for existing Cranial Release Technique® practitioners.

And I was thinking about this before obviously I made this video. So, if you’ve if you’re one of the people that have learned the work and if you’re not doing this every day on patients, there’s something wrong, being that it takes all of a minute to do. If you’re not using it every day, then there’s probably something either that you don’t understand about how to apply it, either that you’re applying it and not getting the results that I think you should be getting. So, something’s wrong, maybe with the technique, with the understanding, with the explanation, with maybe some of the pre and post testing. I don’t know, but any of those things, this is what I want to clear up at the Master Review. This is why I want to spend the day with you.

As of now, we have no one registered because I just put it up late last night, so I’m assuming some of my instructors will probably be there as well, but I’ll certainly be there, my wife will be there. The class is going to be limited to 15 students again, that seems to be a good number.

And oh, by the way, when you go to the website and you see the registration information, if you’d like to come and you’d like to save an additional $100, bring a table, put in the coupon code ‘table,’ and you’ll save $100 towards your tuition as well. So that’s only fair if you’re going to bring a table, I want to give you some kind of a reward. So, we’re taking $100 off of the seminar price.

So again, if you’re a Cranial Release Technique® student and you’re not doing this on every visit, on every patient, then something’s missing, you’re missing something. And again, regardless of whether you’re a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, naturopath, maybe you’re a holistic dentist, maybe you’re a holistic physician, something’s missing because you’re missing the concept of the primary respiratory mechanism.

I really, as a chiropractor, would probably not adjust somebody without at least first if I if I thought they really needed the adjustment, first I would do the CRT and see what’s left after that. If you’re a massage therapist and you’re planning on doing the massage, do the cranial release first. That will make all the soft tissue relaxed, that will give you such better results and make it much easier on you as the practitioner. If you’re an acupuncturist and you’re your purpose of the visit is to open the channels of energy through the body, do the Cranial Release Technique® first. If you’re a naturopath, if you’re a dentist, whatever it is that you’re doing, whatever the degrees are behind your name, the cranial release makes everything else work better.

So again, if you’re not doing it You’ve been trained assuming you’ve been trained properly. You’ve either done the 4 day of EV or you’ve done the online training, and you’re not doing this every day with patients or whenever you see a patient. You’re not doing it on every visit. Something’s wrong. I can tell you something’s wrong. Again, as we said, either in your understanding, either in your delivery of the CRT, either in your explanation of the CRT, maybe it’s the testing that you don’t understand how to do.

There’s something that’s not right and I want to correct that recipe so that it happens every time and you see results, you see improvement. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m not saying everyone needs one CRT and they’re done, no, they need the CRT when you come to visit, when they come to visit you. You’re going to do some sort of pretest, some sort of post test and I’m hoping you’re going to see improvement. If you don’t see improvement, that tells you that your technique is off, that tells you that your indicator to you that your technique needs to be improved. There’s something you missed, something.

Remember, there are 12 separate steps that we do on the left side of the patient, there are 12 separate steps we do on the right side of the patient and those 24 steps, in my opinion, is the recipe for a successful Cranial Release Technique®. Maybe you’re missing one of those points or maybe something’s not being done just right and that’s throwing everything off. Maybe you’re disgusted or you don’t want to waste your time. Whatever it is, that’s why you should attend the Cranial Release Technique® Master Review, April 4, 2024.

Great time to learn something, the Spring 4-4-2-4, great numbers, great time to come and spend time on the ship, a little time away, get some fresh air, get some sunshine, eat some good food and then on the fourth, that’s the Thursday, we take off on the Monday, on the Thursday from 9 to 4, you’re going to be with me in the meeting room.

Okay, so any questions you can always email me, you can go to the website. If you’re not a practitioner and you’d want to learn more about how to become a practitioner, visit the website cranialrelease.com. There’s a button there called Online Training, you can click on that and learn the Cranial Release Technique® in the comfort of your home or office and then maybe you’ll consider visiting us in April.

Makes perfect sense to me. If you’re not a practitioner, you’re a patient, you’re someone out there, you’re going to the chiropractor, you’re going to the massage therapist, you’re going to the different practitioners trying to solve your particular issue and you’d like to give the Cranial Release Technique® a try. You can visit one of our practitioners by going to the website at cranialrelease.com. There’s a button there called Find a Practitioner and you can search for a practitioner and hopefully we have someone in your area.

Okay, that’s really all I wanted to say. All the details are on the website at cranialrelease.com the Events page, for those that are interested. I hope to see you in April on the high seas, the Good Ship Lollipop, the Good Ship Celebrity Summit, fabulous ship. I’ve been on it before, I took it to Bermuda with my wife, we had a wonderful time.

I’m expecting a great class, a great seminar.

This is Dr. Doreste wishing you a wonderful weekend. Goodbye, my friends, hope to see you soon, adios, ciao for now, bye-bye. See if the new technology works and we can turn the recording off. Nope, got to do it the old-fashioned way. Adios.