Hi, this is Dr. Doreste with the Cranial Release Technique®. I just completed a YouTube short about the TMJ, the temporomandibular joint, where the jaw—the jaw joint. Say that five times: the jaw joint. With a jaw, the mandible, this bone, the jaw meets the skull, the temporomandibular joints, the temporal bone of the skull, and the mandible—the jaw joint.

And you might be saying to yourself, “Well, wait a minute, what does the Cranial Release Technique® have to do with the jaw?” Well, first of all, the TMJ or TMJ disorder, sometimes called TMD, causes a lot of problems for a lot of people—pain, discomfort, dizziness, ringing in the ears, overall discomfort. Many people go to different dentists and different specialists for this problem, and the one thing they may be missing is the actual alignment of the TMJ, the actual joint. And the way you could check that right now at home is either on yourself or a loved one, you would take your fingers and just place them in the ear canals of your wife, your husband, your mom, your dad, your kids, and you’ll probably see something.  Like this, with one ear higher than the other, or one ear further back than the other, one way or the other. You rotate it forward or back, and those are all just some simple signs that this joint is misaligned.

And so, I know that there are different therapies where they go in the mouth and do the different things that they do, and I’m not knocking any of that. But just looking from the outside, if the cranium is distorted and the TMJ is distorted, there’s no way that the joint can function optimally. And that’s what this is all about—optimal function everywhere, including the joint of the TMJ.

So, by visiting a Cranial Release Technique® practitioner, this can be balanced, and it gets balanced very rapidly. I mean, many times in one visit. I mean, many times, patients will get off the table after that first visit and say, “Oh my God, there’s so much less tension in here,” and they say it almost feels like the jaw is just sort of hanging in midair, there’s like zero tension in here. And so, I’ve seen change dramatically very fast, very rapidly with the Cranial Release Technique®.

So, if you are suffering with TMJ or what’s now called TMD, temporomandibular disorder, or you know someone, maybe you can forward this video to them so that they can find a practitioner, get on the table, and experience Cranial Release Technique®. That’s a wonderful gift you can give someone.

Feel free to show this video to your dentist or to your orthodontist or to your endodontist or to your periodontist or to your family doctor or to your chiropractor, massage therapists, acupuncturists—whoever you see for either this problem, the TMJ or TMD disorder, or other issues in your body because remember when we apply the Cranial Release Technique®, we are addressing the cranium but we’re affecting everything because we know, first of all, as the cranium distorts—and you can tell that from the ears which you just looked at—if you also look in the mirror, you’ll probably see that one eye looks lower than the other, one eye might look smaller than the other right versus left—you’re comparing right to left. And in my experience, what you’re going to see is distortion virtually everywhere you look—is distortion—because that cranium is distorted. That will then distort the spine—the skull sits on the first bone in the neck. So, as the skull distorts, the bone in the neck has to distort to compensate for that. And then the second bone and the third bone, and it’ll go all the way down the chain down to the sacrum and the pelvis.

So, we have the osseous, the bony distortion of the cranium causing a bony distortion throughout the spine and pelvis. The covering of the brain is called the dura matter—the tough mother in Latin—and that’s the membrane that attaches to all the cranial bones, covers the brain, covers the spinal cord. So now when the cranium is distorted, the dura is tightened. It’s almost like if you took a dishcloth and twisted it when you’re trying to squeeze the water out—well, inside that dishcloth, in this analogy, would be your brain and spinal cord. So, there’s no way that your central nervous system can work optimally if there’s this mechanical distortion. And the cranial release will release that distortion. That’s the beauty of this.

Connected into the dura matter is the fascia. The fascia is this connective tissue covering that goes everywhere in the body—top-down, side-to-side, front-to-back, everywhere. So, you release the cranium, you balance the bones of the cranium, the bones of the spine, the bones in the body. You release the dura, the covering of the brain and spinal cord. You release the fascia, that inner spiderweb that weaves everything and holds everything together. You release the tension there, you balance the brain from right to left, you balance the autonomic nervous system—the sympathetic, the fight or flight, the parasympathetic, the heal, repair, relax. You need it balanced.

In today’s world in 2023, the majority of people are stuck in a sympathetic mode—fight or flight. That’s just the way life is in 2023. So, if we can do something to balance the body, balance the nervous system, release the tension throughout the system—the muscles, the ligaments, the fascia—you’ve really changed everything about the person. And the beauty is, it takes a minute to do—one minute.

So please feel free to share this with your practitioners, your friends, your family. Somebody out there is suffering and could probably be helped pretty easily with something called Cranial Release. It’s a very gentle one-minute technique. All the details are at the website—that’s CranialRelease.com (https://cranialrelease.com), again, one word, cranialrelease.com.

If you’re watching this on YouTube kindly click the like button, share, and subscribe. I’m also on Rumble at CRTdoc, or one word, CRTdoc. So, CRTdoc—you might want to subscribe there in case something happens at YouTube. You never know in 2023 what can happen.

And that’s about it. It’s very simple, it’s very gentle, and this is all about helping people live a healthy, balanced life so that they can deal with all the stresses. Remember, it’s the stresses that are always bombarding us—physically, chemically, emotionally, every day. Just think about it, think about what you go through in a day. And then you’re going to go to sleep, and hopefully, you’re going to sleep well because the other thing that cranial release works wonders for is because we’re shifting you back to the parasympathetic side of the nervous system—the healing and relaxing side. When it is time to go to bed, you generally fall asleep quicker, you sleep deeper, you feel more refreshed in the morning.

There are no chemicals that we put into you, there’s nothing that we took out from you. It’s just bringing balance back through the nervous system, the brain, the spinal cord, the 31 pairs of nerves, the autonomic nervous system—to help you live a happy, balanced life. Pretty simple concept.

CranialRelease.com is the website by the way there is a button there called Online Training Program for those of you that might want to learn this work. If you’re a practitioner, wherever you are in the planet, if you’d like to learn how to do this there’s an online platform very simple very effective is working great CranialRelease.com click the online training button and away we go hopefully I’ll see you down the road at other videos or on the online training platform.

This is Dr. Doreste with The Cranial Release saying adios my friends enjoy your evening and remember –  balance the cranium – balance the nervous system – balance the body – balance the person.

Pretty simple concept.

Adios, ciao for now.