Hi everybody, Dr. Doreste back with another video, back in the car, another mobile video, out and about here in Long Island, New York. It’s a very sunny day, so I got the shades on today to prevent the glare from affecting the video here.

I received an email recently, and it was a good one. And it went something like this, I don’t have it in front of me, but the gist of it was, “why is it that I always say that everyone would benefit from receiving the Cranial Release Technique®?”.

And that’s a great question. And the great answer is because everyone would benefit from regular CRT applications. And what I mean by that is from the time virtually that we’re born, we come into the world with a flawed, distorted cranium.

And that could be from the birth process, that could be from the actual delivery process, that could be from all the slips and falls as a child learning how to walk, bicycles, learning how to run, playing sports, bumping your head, doing all the things that kids do, doing all the things that we do as people.

And then you mix with it, so that’s the physical stresses. And then obviously as we get older, sporting injuries, car accidents, slips, falls, all the type of work that we do, all the physical insults that we put on the body and on the cranium.

The second is the emotional stresses, the problems at home, the problems on the job, the problems in relationships, the finances, whether or not you like your job, whether or not you enjoy your work, whether or not you enjoy being in society in the way that you currently find yourself, whether you’re happy living where you live as opposed to wanting to live somewhere else.

All of these emotional stressors that cause tension. And if we didn’t get you with the physical, and we didn’t get you with the emotional, I’ll get you on the third one, and that’s the chemical. What’s in the air, what’s in the water, what’s in the food? What is it that we’re taking? What is it that we’ve been injected with? What is it that is in the clothes, the soaps, the chemicals all around us all the time?

So, the physical, the emotional, the chemical, and now we have the new ones that our grandparents didn’t have, the EMF (Electric Magnetic Frequency) stresses, living virtually 24 hours in a Wi-Fi environment. That’s something that the nervous system has to deal with that was never intended to be. Go somewhere off the grid where your cell phone doesn’t work and you’re out of a cell signal, you’re out of Wi-Fi. That’s what the body was meant to deal with. Now there’s not too many places left like that, as a matter of fact.

When most of us want to go on vacation, yeah, some of us, well, we need to be connected for work or family and different things, but a lot of us want to go away and be disconnected completely, go on a camping trip, go on safari, go somewhere where there is no cell service, which that area is getting smaller and smaller as we know.

So, you take all those stresses, the physical, the chemical, the emotional, the EMF stress, and that constant tension and constant stress is stressing and putting actual stress on the nervous system, the brain, the spinal cord.

And I virtually yet to meet anyone who, when I evaluated with some simple tests that I talk about in the online training, but any tests that you currently do if you’re a practitioner, leg lengths, muscle testing, muscle reflexes, postural distortions, looking at how people carry their body in gravity, everywhere you look you see distortion, and everywhere I look I see cranial distortion.

And so, when you take that patient and put them on the table and apply the Cranial Release Technique®, wonderful things happen. You sort of peel off the layers of stress of the onion, so to speak. You take the layers of tension off. Yes, they’re still going to play sports. Yes, they’re still going to be in a Wi-Fi environment. All those things are true. But now you’ve enabled the nervous system to function more in an optimal state. Your central nervous system, your body can handle the stresses better than it did before. So. everyone benefits at every level, regardless of what your symptoms are or are not. It doesn’t matter to me.

Today, I have no symptoms. I’m very happy about that. I received CRT not because I’m in pain, not because I have symptoms, but because I want my body to function optimally. It’s optimization of function. Probably, if I were to go back and reinvent the technique, I’d probably call it the optimization technique or something like that. Something. I use the word Cranial Release Technique® because I wanted people to understand the key is the cranium. And the Cranial Release Technique® is the key that opens the lock of the cranium so that the brain, the spinal cord, the central nervous system, and therefore the body function better. I hope that made sense to you. I hope I answered my friend’s question with that brief explanation.

Again, if you haven’t been to the website cranialrelease.com, if you’re watching this on YouTube, please click the like, subscribe, and share button. Send this to your friends and family. We all know people that complain, ‘Oh, I’ve been to this doctor, I’ve been to that doctor, I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that, I just can’t seem to get rid of the blank’ (fill in the blank); back trouble, leg trouble, stomach trouble, breathing issues, skin trouble, headaches, can’t sleep’—fill in the blank. We hear these stories all the time, and a nice question is, ‘Hey, have you ever tried the Cranial Release Technique®?’ And they’ll probably look at you and say, ‘And what in God’s name is the Cranial Release Technique®?’ So, you can send them to the website.

Hopefully, as a practitioner in the area, they can get on the table and experience the work.

If you are a practitioner or you know of a practitioner and you want to educate them as to what this thing called the Cranial Release Technique® is, there’s a button called ‘Online Training‘ on the website.

Again, Cranial Release Technique® online training. Click on that button, that’ll take you to some other videos teaching you how to do this in the comfort of your home or office. How do you do this and add it to your chiropractic visit, your massage visit, your acupuncture visit, your physical therapy visit, or whatever it is you do with the patient?

I have dentists that are now very interested in the Cranial Release Technique®. It’s helping them in the mouth, of course, but also it’s helping the patient globally. That’s just the way it is. Sorry for the ambulance, that’s life in the big city when you do a live video.

Cranialrelease.com is the website. Online Training, check it out. Dr. Doreste over and out. Adios, my friends. Hope to see you down the road, and I wish you a wonderful day. Goodbye. Thank you.”